Full Control Tokyo Live at Zojoji

Full Control Tokyo

#Android #IOT #OpenGL

In December 2013, au/KDDI broadcasted a commercial “FULL CONTROL/Xmas”. This commercial depicts virtual Tokyo where teenagers control Tokyo using their phone. The app “ODOROKI” was made to recreate this virtual world in real life. I joined this project as an Android developer. In January 2014, au/KDDI hosted a event called “FULL CONTROL TOKYO” with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as a special guest.
On the day of the event, guests at the event looked impressed to control taxis, street lights and fountains using the “ODOROKI” app.
During Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s performance, her phone and guests’ phones were synchronized to show lights with the same color. Towards the end of the performance, guests shook their phone to fill the imaginary battery projected onto the stage. When the imaginary battery was charged full, we surprised our guests by turning Tokyo Tower’s lightings off. After the performance, our guests tried changing the color of Tokyo Tower Tower’s lightings using their app.
Later on this event was made into a commercial to show that the virtual world depicted in the previous commercial can be turned into reality using au smartphones. (second video)