Droid Kaigi 2016

Unda / 500 Startups (Batch6)

#Android #GPS #LocationTracking

In summer 2013, I joined Pocket Supernova Inc. to help develop a video messaging app “Unda”. Pocket Supernova was accepted to Batch 6 of 500 startup’s accelerator program. I went to 500 startup’s office in Silicon Valley to help Pocket Supernova develop the android version of the app. Unda is a mobile video messaging app. At that time, Android OS version was 2.x, so dealing with camera and movie was tough. For Unda, we had many users in South America. Making sure that Unda works well on devices that are popular in South America was the biggest challenge for us.
In Mountain View, I spent everyday developing the app at 500 startups office. There were 30 other companies in the same batch. Many of them were friendly and talkative so they often talked with each other. It was summer in California so once I stepped out of the office, I really wanted to go drink a coffee at cafe’s terrace. It was another challenge to keep focused on coding under this amazing environment.
As an engineer, it was a great opportunity to join 500 startups and learn from the program.

500 Startups Demo Day