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We published InAppTranslation in 2016. InAppTranslation is a localization tool which automates the localization process for iOS app. In order to localize an iOS app, you have to create a translation data, build your app with the translation data, submit the app to Apple and wait for the app to be approved. But using InAppTranslation, you can localize your app much more easily. You just need to implement a line of code in your app and then you can localize your app from InAppTranslation web dashboard. You can also use translation services to get the translation done. With InAppTranslation, you can localize your app even within a day!

*We ran InAppTranslation iOS SDK and Web Dashboard until 2017, but we currently do not provide the service since we are pivoting the service. We published open source InAppTranslation Android SDK. InAppTranslation Android ADK uses Google Translate to localize your app. It is published in this repository.