How We Work

“What can I do for you? ” - in Silicon Valley, engineers and entrepreneurs often use this phrase.
In 2013. I went to Mountain View to help a company invested by 500 Startups. While I was working there, I heard engineers and entrepreneurs say “what can I do for you?” quite often. Media sometimes picks up this phrase as a heart warming story as the phrase represents how helping each other supports Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem. However, the impression I got from hearing this phrase or saying the phrase was a bit different.
This phrase doesn’t always mean that the person is literally trying to help you. There are times when people use this phrase to show that they can afford to help other people even in such touch startup environment.
Since then I run the company with similar attitude. In order to ask other people “what can I do for you?”, you have to have skills, time and room in your mind. Always having this capacity to ask “what can I do for you”, keeping eyes on inspiring ideas and new technologies, making prototypes with our own hands and learning from results.. all these things will give you “Engineering Delight”.
“Engineering Delight” is a made up word which is similar to satisfaction or sense of accomplishment but you can get it only when you actually think and try on your own.
Getting “Engineering Delight” through work is not easy. I always try my best to provide the environment and chances so that each of our members including myself can get “Engineering Delight”.
From my previous job at Sony Ericsson to now, I have worked as an engineer in Japan, Sweden and Silicon Valley. My work experience influenced my management style a lot. I got the above mentioned “attitude” in Silicon Valley, and learned to value members’ job satisfaction in Sweden.

CEO, Takamitsu Mizutori


Takamitsu Mizutori

Mika Ishikawa

Kunihiko Karasawa

Rikako Kashima


Our Speciality


- Design and research for app development

App development for iOS/Android smartphones,
tablet and wearable device

- Swift, Object-C, - Kotlin. Java

Development for smart speakers

- Node.js, DialogFlow

Research, Development, Prototyping

- Creating 2D/3D interactive contents using Unity and C#
- App development for Robots (Pepper/Nao) using Choregraphe and Python
- Back-end system development using Python and Node.js
- IoT device prototyping using Arduino and RaspberryPi.


ArtBeat Inc. (US) / AQ Inc. (Japan) / HAPTIC CO. Ltd. (Japan) / Quosmo, Inc. (Japan) / Talknote, Inc. (Japan)
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. (Japan) / Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd. (Japan) / Moff, Inc. (Japan) / Dentsu Inc. (Japan)
Mixi, Inc. (Japan) / Open Street Inc. (Japan) / Bonx, Inc. (Japan) / WHITE Inc. (Japan)
Yuri Suzuki Design Studio (UK) / Geometry Global (Hong Kong) / Five Cool Ltd. (UK) / Bruto, Inc (Japan)
Pocket Supernova Inc. (US) / Abacus Inc. (Japan) / Gadago NPO (Japan)